15 April 2007


When we bought our home in July it was hard to overlook the 25 year-old shag carpet. In fact, the entire interior of the home was a case study in visualization. The entire home, floor to ceiling, was completely gutted. The good news, our marriage survived! Let's start with what replaced all of that disgusting old carpet. With the exception of our two bathrooms, we chose to floor the entire house in bamboo:This Bamboo from IFloor will hold up as good or better than most hardwoods and really gives the open house a clean, light feel. There are plenty of natural variations in the bamboo for depth and texture. We couldn't be more pleased with this affordable, sustainable floor. For sound absorption and color accent we chose FLOR modular carpet tiles. Why wasn't this invented sooner? With three dogs running in and out, the FLOR tiles are perfect for easy cleaning and quick changes. If we get tired of a color choice or design, they are easily swapped out for another tile. We chose the Fedora tiles for their felt softness and rich colors.For our two bathrooms we chose interlocking Mosaic Tiles. We love the varied surface of these natural stones from Indonesia. Here are some examples of the choices available:With the exception of the FLOR carpet tiles we had already picked out our flooring prior to moving in and beginning the remodel. We were able to get free samples of both the bamboo and mosaic tiles, and ordered them online once we made our choices. We both feel that being able to order online is much more stress-free than spending the day at a big box retail store, and much more affordable than visiting a custom flooring center. Once we moved everything into place we were able to order the appropriate FLOR carpet tiles to pull the entire space together. In every case, dealing with an online retailer was very successful during our remodel. To contrast, in almost every case, dealing with Home Depot and Lowe's was a nightmare. But that's another story. We absolutely love our flooring and look forward to many, many years in our "new" home.

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Don said...

I am on my third home remodel and I have found that the service quality of Home Depot and Lowe's is a function of the individual store. I had Lowe's install new cabinets when I remodeled the kitchen in the Las Vegas house and the job went perfectly. On the other hand I have had numerous problems with the Home Depot in SE ABQ.

As for iFloors, I had no problems with them when I got my bamboo flooring from them for the Las Vegas remodel, but I currently have a bamboo order with them that is in back-order hell. What is especially galling about the current situation is that the estimate shipping dates keep passing but iFloors never bothers to give me a revised date.

So my opinion on iFloor (based on my two data points) is that they do fine when all is well, but they do not seem to be able to deal with orders that have problems.