21 April 2007


Today as I was working on plans for my husband's birthday and our wedding anniversary (June 8th and 12th, respectively), I thought about our wedding in Northern California. One thing lead to another and I found myself wanting to visit SFMOMA again. Since that trip isn't in the cards just now, I'll have to settle for a visit to the SFMOMA online shop! Maybe I can make a list for my husband and convince him to stop by on his next business trip to the Bay Area....These darling SFMOMA compacts are just the thing that every lady needs. I need one for my purse, one to keep in the glove compartment of the car, one for my desk at work, and so on.

I love the elemental nature of the Bubbles collection by Susan Kinzig. The jewelry in this series manages to be both whimsical and mechanical at the same time.
It might take some getting used to, but I like the idea presented by the Reveal Watch: you are always in the present.The Supernatural Chair would be perfect for the screen house: lightweight, stackable and comfortable. The pale green color is a plus.Not much to look at, right? But seriously, this would be about the most useful thing I could ever own. This HOLD cookbook page holder would be used almost every day, and is something I wish I had every time I lay one of my cookbooks on the counter and have to hold it down with my elbow to avoid a horrid, floury mess.

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