29 September 2007

8 New Flavors

The classic Eames Molded Plywood chair is now available in eight new fabulous stains. Wouldn't it be fun to have one of each around your dining table?

24 September 2007

Bedroom Rug

We're looking for a wool rug to replace the sisal one in our bedroom (the old one will find a new home in the hobby room under the pinball machine). Our paint color is Ralph Lauren's Emperor, a rather warm teal blue. We have browns and warm tones as the accent, but I have gradually started to incorporate very small amounts of rust and copper, most recently a set of West Elm's organic sheets for our new wool mattress. Here are some of the rugs I've been considering:

Earthtone Waves

Weekend in Taos

Here are some of the photos from our long weekend in Taos NM and the Wild River Wilderness/Rio Grande Gorge. For more images, click here.

23 September 2007

Menu: Scandinavian Living

"The living room, dining room, kitchen and garden each have their own atmosphere- and Menu has the products to match."

20 September 2007


Even though I'm back at work, my mind is still vacationing in Taos. Wouldn't it be nice to be lounging on Chaise Longue No. 4? "Through developing a new method of steam bending wood, sixixis has been able to accurately manipulate any dimension of timber in any place and on any plane to create complex 3D forms only restricted by the imagination."

13 September 2007

Roads North

After an entire summer with no vacation, Aaron and I are heading north to Taos for much needed R&R. We'll be hiking in the Rio Grande Gorge, strolling historic Taos Plaza, but mostly spending time at our B&B in our own private outdoor hot tub, gazing at the endless sky. See you back next week with some amazing photos of one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Mikoto Knife Blocks

I am very interested in owning one or more of these Mikoto Knife Blocks. I really don't like the standard and boring wood knife block we have now. Hint to husband: it is my birthday in only three weeks....

(Via bltd.)

r. wood studio

r. wood studio is located in an old produce warehouse in Athens, GA. There, Rebecca Wood and 12 other artists transform local Georgia red clay into simple objects of beauty. For over 15 years, these color-saturated pieces have been inspired by the southern seasons. From everyday ware to specialty and one-of-a-kind pieces, r. wood exemplifies natural beauty.

12 September 2007

Fall Fever

Most people get spring fever every year, I get fall fever. It was a cool, breezy morning in the Cedar Crest mountains this morning, and I am so looking forward to the arrival of my favorite season. Of course, I immediately think of fall in New Hampshire, and how much I miss Lull Farm this time of year. There just aren't any charming, local farmstands here in NM. I don't have 20 kinds of apples or potatoes to choose from, I can't pick up a bouquet of fresh cut flowers on my way home, and there is no abundance of multicolored gourds and pumpkins. This 250-acre gem in Hollis NH truly stands by it's motto: "Eat Your View: Support Your Local Farm." Oh Lull Farm, how I miss you.....

Time in My Room

What is the best way to unwind at the end of a long day? A massage, listening to soothing music, a glass of red wine. Okay, it's a glass of red wine- but other than that? As a child I loved coloring books (and yes, it was okay to go outside the lines). I didn't know how much I missed it until I saw this coloring book for adults. I just ordered it last night, and it will be here just in time for the long plane ride to North Carolina in October.

10 September 2007

Rock Paper Gallery

If you needed a reason to drive to Madrid NM, here it is. Rock Paper Gallery is the most unique shop in Madrid, Albuquerque and probably even Santa Fe. Partners Crico and Corey have fused art and science, the primitive and contemporary, to create an amazing shop full of curiosities. For example, an antique Mexican sugar mold has been redesigned to form a fabulous candle centerpiece. This is one gallery to head to when looking for that most unique gift.


Hyper-cool vases from Italian company Serralunga:

O Cube

08 September 2007

Feed the Birds

Cute finds for our little feathered friends from Baileys:

06 September 2007

Catarina Giarimi

From her award-winning glassware pictured here, to furniture, wallpaper, textiles, tiles and many other arts & crafts projects, Swedish designer Catarina Giarimi is inspired to create it all.

"What delights me is to take a poetic approach to the creative process- even when it involves the most everyday objects- and combine beauty with feeling while leaving lots of room for the unexpected."

Many of her items currently in production can be purchased online at The Scandinavian Design Center.

05 September 2007

Bridesmaid Dilemma

My sister is getting married next month in North Carolina, and I get to be a bridesmaid again. The wedding is in the restored mining town of Gold Hill, with the reception in a dirt floor barn and outdoor tent. How does one compliment a fabulous, floor-length dress without wearing high heels that would sink in the grass like golf tees? I stopped by Cowgirl Red in Madrid NM this weekend to check out their amazing vintage cowboy boot collection. A pair of dressy cowboy boots would be the perfect thing, and so appropriate for the barn. I've got to find a pair in ivory and snapdragon green to coordinate with the dress.

04 September 2007

Happy Owl Glass is Back

After a long summer hiatus (welcome, Maisy!) Happy Owl Glass is back with a new site and some new options.

Choose from over 50 creatures to design your own badge or pendant. Also, their Great Grey T-shirts and Night Owl Nightlights are on sale now through Sept. 20th.