05 April 2007

The Go-To Store

During the remodel, one store we could always count on for the perfect find was (and still is) 2Modern. Time and again we would turn to them for those unique items to set our design apart from the traditional southwestern style we worked so hard to avoid. Our 1979 ranch house just needed a more modern touch. Here are some great items that found a home with us:

Meep Pendant
Made of almost paper-thin Aspen veneer, dform's Meep Pendant hangs over our dining table. The wood softens the light, but still casts enough brightness to enjoy your meal and make you want to linger. When lit, the Aspen grain really stands out and is a nice contrast to the stainless steel counter tops of the adjoining kitchen.

Medina Paper Bin
I really wanted a simple, clean wastepaper basket for the office. Designed by Pablo in San Francisco, it is constructed from fused polyester mesh. The flat side is perfect for the tight space behind my desk.
Mag Table
My Eames RAR Rocker (see post below) is shorter than the average sofa or chair, so just any side table wouldn't do. Back at 2Modern, I looked at the Offi Mag Table. I had seen it many times during our remodel and wanted to find a place for it in our home. It's the perfect height for the RAR, and my husband can turn it up and use it as a laptop table. Very functional and flexible!

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Mint Julep said...

Hey Natasha!
I really like your blog, you fellow Albuquerquian. You know what else I love? That you are a librarian. That has been one of my dream jobs forever!
Isn't the DNA thingy fun!?!