30 January 2008

Global Beauty

Here's a sneak peek at Rosanna's vibrant spring collection:

Who's in Charge?

Just got my second promotion in one year! Sorry, but I must pat myself on the back just a little bit. I'll be managing a larger library, closer to home. A new clipboard would certainly convey a sense of confidence as I go in and set things in order. I like these Couture Clipboards, in paisley or houndstooth.

28 January 2008

Welcome Home Color

Our new Chilewich vinyl shag rug and Eames Hang It All add a big color punch to our brick and tan sun room. Most of our home colors are subtle, but the entryway looks so much more welcoming now with a few vibrant tones.

Love Greetings, Part 1

Today's selection from Rock Scissor Paper:

Bottna Dishware

Lately I've been attracted to simple, graphic designs on dishware. Anna Danielsson's Bottna Dishes are no exception. One of Marimekko's most productive designers since 2001, Danielsson's pattern is in line with current trends, but is also clearly a timeless design.

27 January 2008

Can Opening Creature

We recently purchased the No-Hands Can Opener at The Sharper Image. You just push the button and watch the opener wiggle and spin around the can. The lid comes off with no fuss. It does seem a little life-like while doing its job, though.

23 January 2008

Grass Vase

Designed by Claydies for Normann Copenhagen, the simple Grass Vase will help showcase the flowers you see everyday. Perfect for wildflowers, daisies, thistle or any bloom growing around your home.

Shimmering Silk

These lovely Monterey Cushions have me thinking of spring- again. It is warmer this week and the days are getting longer already, so I can be optimistic.

21 January 2008

Color Burst

These ceramic vases by Kenneth Wingard will help brighten up the gloomiest of winter days.


Tay Lighting

I love the delicate yet contemporary lighting collection from Tay Lighting. These floor lamps, table lamps and pendants are created by intricately layering fiberglass and painting by hand. Each light is unique, and would certainly be a beautiful focal point in any room.

20 January 2008

Modern Moviemaking

We finally saw "There Will Be Blood" last night. Were my extremely high expectations met? More than met, actually. Please let this be the future of film. It's hard to focus on housewares and furniture when I can't take my mind off of this film, especially the work of Daniel Day Lewis. When Paul Thomas Anderson referred to him as "the holy grail of acting" he wasn't kidding.

18 January 2008

Questionable Bookshelf

Being a librarian by trade, I must question the design of the Flybrary Bookshelf. This kind of system is great for storing magazines and newspapers due to their light weight, but I would be worried about what it would do to the spine of a heavier book. Believe me, books are just not manufactured that well anymore. The concept certainly looks interesting, but what about the functionality?

Not Your Mother's Tupperware

These lidded melamine containers are almost too cool for leftovers. Get a set here.

17 January 2008

Spring Renewal from VivaTerra

It's two degrees outside right now- yikes! Good thing I just received the Spring 2008 catalog from VivaTerra, filled with pretty eco-friendly products to keep me dreaming of warmer months to come.

15 January 2008

Naturally Modern Vancouver

When in Vancouver this March, we'll be sure to stop by the flagship store of 18 Karat.

"Located in Vancouver's South Granville shopping neighbourhood, the 18 Karat Home Store is a design mecca for those who love affordable, modern, simple and organic accessories for the home and body. The 18 Karat collection includes vases, tableware, home textiles, rugs and other fashion accessories for the home, plus fashion jewellery, casual bags and home and body fragrances."

14 January 2008

More Sunroom Color

Now that the multi-colored Eames Hang It All has found a home in our sun room, it has inspired us to add a few more splashes of color. Since we need a more winter boot-friendly entry rug, I'm inspired to add a Chilewich Shag floormat. These easy to clean vinyl mats are certainly boot and dog friendly, and the bright colors will be a cheery hello to all who enter.

Happy Owl Sale

Right now at Happy Owl, everything is on sale: night lights, pendants, apparel and badges. Tracy and Justin are making room for new items coming in February, so visit their store and save big.

10 January 2008

Arriving Tomorrow

After months of indecision we decided to purchase an Eames Hang It All for our entry. The size and sturdiness were important, and a little color never hurt anyone. We did save a little on the price by finding one on EBay.

07 January 2008

CB2 First Look

Not one to use the phrase "I love, love, love this," I must say that CB2's new 2008 catalog had me coming close. Here are just a few of the items that caught my eye:

Baggage Claimed

Never grab the wrong black suitcase from the luggage carousel again. Hideo Wakamatsu has designed a full line of suitcases, duffel bags, day packs and accessories that are sturdy and stylish, and will set you apart from the everyday traveller.


I like these charming decoupage paperweights from Show. Heavy glass with felt backing.

03 January 2008

Looking Forward

What a way to start 2008! Thanks to my husband I'll be attending IDSWEST in Vancouver this March! We had discussed a trip to Vancouver, but when I told him about the show he was keen to go as well. We'll have a full day in design heaven, and then many days exploring the beautiful city of Vancouver and surrounds. Thanks, love.

Union Sreet Glass

Founded in 1980 by Guy and Leanne Corrie, Union Street Glass has grown into their 10,000 sq. ft. studio in Richmond, CA. They use old world glassblowing techniques to create exciting, contemporary glass pieces. Their collections include lamps and light fixtures, stemware, and a variety of coordinating accessories.

Morph Bowl Table Lamp
Manhattan Cake Plate