29 April 2008


I'm taking a blogging break for now, as I am working on many projects in and around the house. I'll post updates as we progress, but it seems I haven't been very inspired to post as of late. I'm even taking a break from posting on Design Talk as well.

15 April 2008

Sofa Dreaming

We finally determined a space in our house suitable for the gorgeous maple armoire made by Aaron's dad. It will change the character of the seating area, softening the overall appearance. In line with that is the new Thompkins Sofa from West Elm. I just dream of having this super-comfy hemp sofa in the space. I love that there is just one seat cushion, and that the pillows are firm and substantial. But since we owe the federal government big time on taxes this year, I will just have to keep on dreaming.

14 April 2008

They're Back, It's Officially Spring!

I was just in the kitchen starting dinner, when I thought I heard a vague, high-pitched buzzing sound. Sure enough, I looked out the window and there was the first hummingbird of the season, eating at the feeder. I just put the feeders out yesterday afternoon. That didn't take long! We'll have to see if it was just a migrator stopping by, or our pair from the past two years.

"Get Out Of There!"

So said my husband on the phone when I called him from Anthropologie. Drooling over dresses I can't afford is a bit pathetic, I admit. However, I refused to leave without the Owl Invasion Apron, which I am wearing right now. I love to cook and love to wear cute aprons while doing so, and this apron will fit right into my collection.

Not a Joke

The Die Electric experiment helps you plug your outlets when not in use, in the most disturbing ways.

Noose screws into an unused overhead light socket.

The Die Electric Chair

Plug Shelf

Toothbrush Holder

The Anti-Shoe

A shoe that activates neglected muscle, improves posture, tones the body and reduces stress on the knees and hips? These are the claims of MBT and I am willing to give them a go. They may look a little unusual, but they aren't as bad as those shoes with the coils on the heel. At over $200/pair I wonder if I can get a prescription from my doctor. I found a few ABQ stores that sell them, so maybe I'll try on a pair today.

09 April 2008

Eating Our Veggies

Monday means a brand new veggie box from Los Poblanos Organics. Grown right across the Rio Grande in Los Ranchos, NM, our box is filled with super-nutritious organic fruits and vegetables. The boxes are delivered to a pick-up location right up the street from our house. It's amazing eating lettuce and carrots that were picked that morning! And we are supporting our local farmers, not driving 20 miles to Whole Foods.

31 March 2008

Fluid Earth

I want a fruit bowl that reflects the landscape surrounding my home. At Fluid Earth I can design such a bowl.

Each part of the earth is unique in then design of her heights and depths. Fluidforms enables customers to have a piece of this singularity on a table at home. The different contour lines of a chosen area define the shape of the bowl. An expedition into landscapes and cities only known from hiking. The earth becomes a sensory experience, that can be filled with the fruits of the earth.