31 October 2007

No More Tears

Except for the ever-so-mild shallot, chopping onions leaves me in tears. And since I love to cook, this is something that occurs on a regular basis. Which is why I am beyond thrilled to find the Onion Action Goggles. No longer will it have to be a mad chopping frenzy and rush to wash up and dry my eyes. They also come in black or white if your preference isn't for pink.

Flyaway Favors

I decided to get "Martha crafty" for my friends this Halloween and made these Flyaway Favors, seen in Martha Stewart Living. I personalized them by hand-stamping the recipient's name and a "Best Witches" greeting. They were easy and fun, and of course filled with candy corn! Have a ghoulishly good Halloween!

29 October 2007


"Woofy is your new friend–a multifunctional product or a personal way to conceal cables. Woofy never needs to be walked, fed or trained. He can play with children of all ages. Woofy can conceal your cables in his tummy and he will always be there when you need him."

Robot Candy

Portland, OR-based Robot Candy has a new line of whimsical cards that are guaranteed to make you smile.

If the cards don't do it for you, try one of their vintage-inspired ceramic tile coasters.

They also create cute light switch plates and magnet sets- the perfect stocking stuffers (not that anyone is even thinking of Christmas yet...). You can also check out their Esty shop as well.

28 October 2007

Perfect Poached Eggs

I got a set of two Poach Pods last year on vacation. These silicone pods float in simmering water and really do make the best poached eggs. The flexible silicone makes them easy to pop out onto your plate. The cute green color makes them easy to find in the kitchen drawer early in the morning!

24 October 2007

Zenza Hancrafted Lighting

If you're in a Moroccan mood, check out the gorgeous lighting at Zenza. These luminous creations will lend an intimate ambiance to any home.

22 October 2007

Sea Urchin Cellars

I think these Sea Urchin Cellars at Napa Home are perfect for any mid-century home. Made with nail heads and antiqued, they come with serving spoons and are perfect for all your groovy entertaining needs!


The Cycloc is so going on my husband's gift list. This is just the thing to spur along the Big Garage Clean-Up of 2007. The black ones are even made from 100% post-industrial plastic.

Ghoulish Greetings

Fun Halloween cards from Paper Relics:

Lighting by Eleek

Portland, OR based Eleek creates durable, sustainable and beautiful lighting for your home's interior and exterior. From pendants to sconces, table lamps to bollards, Eleek has something for every design taste.

Madison Pendant

In addition to lighting, check them out if you are in the market for fixtures, counter tops, sinks and hardware.

Guess Where?

Yes folks, this is New Mexico. We took a very lovely fall foliage hike last Sunday in Fourth of July Canyon. Even though we are surrounded by Pinon Oak and Aspens at our house, everyone goes down to the canyon for the big Sawtooth Maples. Who says you have to go to New England for leaf peeping?

17 October 2007

Black & White, Etsy Style

Laid back evening, browsing Etsy, in the mood for graphic black & white.


View Finder

For as much as I am an organized person, my husband is the opposite. Now matter how neat I try make his closet and office work area, labeling shoe boxes and stacking and sorting, he is constantly disorganized. I wonder if these practical storage containers from The Clear Box Co. would help? At least there would be nothing to hide!

Botanical Benches

I am a big fan of the Botanical Series benches, cocktail and end tables. They would work great in our sun room entryway or under our big picture windows.

"The Botanist series combines the precision of minimal honest design with the beauty and feminine touch of nature. Each piece starts with a single piece of aluminum, which is precisely cut, bent, and faced with either a high impact powder coat (indoor & outdoor use) or an epoxy coated real wood veneer (indoor use only)."

Less is More

I'm not usually the biggest fan of Brocade Home (way too much ornamentation for me), but I did find three perfect items in their new holiday catalog. They exemplify a "less is more" style that I find appealing.

15 October 2007

More Birthday Yumminess

My husband scored another perfect gift at Abode in Nob Hill. The whimsical set of Cotswold mugs are something I would never think to get for myself. Now I want to add the rest of the collection, especially the tray.

Set for a Year

When my husband presented me with this perfectly lovely birthday card last week, the back read: "made on a fabulous sunny afternoon in albuquerque, nm." Indeed, Set for a Year is produced right here in ABQ. The Retro Set contains 52 greeting cards (and envelopes) to get you through any occasion throughout the year!

"Fearless, brave, and daringly simple, the Retro Set is a mainstay for the on-the-go greeter. Sleekly designed, these cards will make a champion card giver out of anyone. Packed with a dozen birthday cards, 5 thank you cards, 5 blank inside, a card for every major holiday, encouragement, support and appreciation, you won't have to make any last minute stops to the card stand."

Viva Terra

My favorite earth-friendly furnishings from Viva Terra:

Gustavian Vintage Bed

Beth Tom Prints

Beth Tom's amazing prints speak for themselves.