28 June 2007

Pepper Moms Designer Apron Giveaway

Visit Shak In Style and enter to win this fabulous apron!

Fabric Pots

Get rid of your old clay pots and let your plants breathe in these new Fabric Pots by Hova Design. The soil will be able to breathe naturally in this waterproof fabric, which is made of 100% recycled polyester. The sleeves can even be washed in the dishwasher. The fabric is available in several Angela Adams designs and will fit perfectly into any modern decor.

26 June 2007

NoMing Vase

The NoMing vase is a waterproof, inexpensive and reusable origami vase. It collapses down for easy storage, and can even be personalized with your own drawings. And did I mention the price? A pack of four is only $15.00!

25 June 2007

Arriving Tomorrow

My new Side Step Table (in Beet) from West Elm. I love the glossy wood, and the warm, earthy red will compliment our wool rug and the dark leather furniture. In addition to the price, the free shipping was an extra bonus.

Vintage Paper Crafts

We just received Vintage Paper Crafts by Anna Corba at my library. Though technically not modern, I think the projects are just darling. Besides, recycling vintage art paper is a great way to reuse these jewels of the past. This book provides the tools you need to turn almost anything into a piece of art, creating decorative accessories and gifts that you or your loved ones will cherish.

23 June 2007


Boston fine artist Marissa Lee creates unique woodblock prints, mirrors, pendants and other cool things. As she says, "While I have always been a creative, artistic person, I didn't discover my love for woodcut printmaking until after I graduated from art school. It has quickly become my passion. Most of my time goes into making highly detailed, colorful one of a kind prints. My printmaking methods are unorthodox, modern and exciting. I use eye catching color and intricate layering to draw the viewer in for a closer look. My prints are in private collections all over the world." Visit her Etsy shop and browse her extensive collection.

18 June 2007

Drink Cheerwine!

Apparently, it's not just a Carolina thing anymore. I grew up in North Carolina drinking Cheerwine, that super-sweet dark red concoction. You get it at the supermarket for $4.99 for a case. If I wanted some for old times sake, a relative would have to ship it to me. Well now I can get it in the classic bottle in the Sundance Catalog of all places. It will only cost me $25.00 for a case of twelve! I think I'll wait until the next trip back to North Carolina, thank you.


If you are looking for retro photos, clip art, fonts and magazine articles, look no further than Tack-O-Rama. It's all free and loads of fun!

More Perfect Cards

These are the cards you love to give and receive. No special occasion required, so visit DaWanda to view more.

16 June 2007


I'm off to the Sunport to pick up Aaron! It's been a long six days....

14 June 2007

The Perfect Card

Kathryn Hunter at Blackbird Press creates custom wedding invitations and business cards on her 1899 platen letterpress.

At Crafty Cards, browse their online shop for a wide selection of greeting cards, or send them your design ideas to create your own invitations or business cards. All are handmade, letterpress designs. You can even take a virtual tour of their studio.

A handmade card shows you care enough to send more than the very best.

12 June 2007

I Won!

Just a silly little treat for my office at the library, I won this set of miniature designer chairs tonight on EBay. I can hardly wait to line them up on the shelf by my desk!

Happy Anniversary to Me!

It's a cool, windy night on my third anniversary. Did I mention the husband is in CA on business? I made myself a delicious spinach pesto for dinner (recipe can be found in The 12 Best Foods Cookbook). Now I'm just getting cozy with this amazing Mexicocoa! I am just addicted to the cinnamon and spices in this wonderful hot cocoa. Get some if you can. It's just the thing for a dark and stormy night, when you're all alone, on your wedding anniversary.... but I digress.

Priced to Move

To make room for all their new fall items, West Elm is having another big sale. I always post their sales here because you can truly get some huge markdowns. Here are just a few of the fantastic buys you can find on their sale pages.

11 June 2007


I just stumbled into FluffyCo. (via The Curiosity Shoppe) and am really impressed. Their items truly exemplify the naturally modern style. Since my husband is in San Francisco on business, I'll have to send him down to do a little wedding anniversary shopping. Maybe he'll get me one of these:

Wall Art with Hooks - Birds of PreyBag Tag - Pedal PringWomen's Tee - Teddybear Picnic

New @ Tivoli Home

It's a big "surf & shop" night for me since my husband is traveling. Here are some new items at Tivoli Home that are quite appealing to my eye:

Baker's Edge

Thanks to RE. for leading me to the Baker's Edge Brownie Pan! Isn't this what we've all been dreaming of: perfect crispy, flaky edges no matter how we slice our brownie? Bake sales will never be the same. Okay, so it may be a pain to clean, but I'm off in gooey chocolate land now and can't be bothered with that detail. That's what husband's are for, right? Enjoy!

Snappy Office Supplies

Now that the office reorganization is finally complete (so to speak) I would like to have a few items to spruce up my desk. Of course I'm heading over to See Jane Work to see what's new, and what's on sale!