26 November 2007

Embellished Bottles

Laura Normandin takes vintage bottles and spruces them up with a little hand painting to create these wonderful embellished bottles.

Art Deco Dreaming

We are packing up and heading to San Francisco on Thursday for the Art Deco and Modernism event this weekend. I'll have lots of photos to share when we get back next week!

Photo of art deco building on Montgomery Street in San Francisco. Photo by Neil Lukas for DK.

MOD Mobiles

From tabletop mobiles to a wide array of hanging mobiles, MOD Mobiles will impress. The company creates mobile sculptures for both residential and corporate environments. There are many models available in their online store.

24 November 2007

Fabulous Felt

These laser-cut felt placemats by designer Gabrielle Lewin would make a lovely foundation for your holiday table. Available in red or black.

Holiday Cards

After spending a nice part of the afternoon working on handmade bookmarks, I took a break and selected our holiday cards. The block print Reindeer from Artful Sentiments became the choice this year. Even the envelope has a hand-printed coordinating image. The fact that I looked out my window into the snowy woods really influenced my decision.

22 November 2007


It was five years ago today that I met my husband on an Internet date in Newburyport, so it is an extra special Thanksgiving for us. I am thankful to be spending a quiet day at home with my husband and dogs. After a hike out our back door we will come back and spend the afternoon making homemade pasta! I think this may become a new Thanksgiving tradition. Snow is coming in later today, so we will stay warm with a roaring fire in the woodstove, fresh ravioli and nice red wine. I hope each of you will enjoy a special day with everyone you love.

21 November 2007

Salt & Pepper Orbs

Made from recycled glass, these Salt & Pepper Orbs by Andi Kovel will add a unique touch to your table. A large cork stopper helps make them easy to refill.

19 November 2007

A Kinder, Gentler Coat Hook

Just as I was about to order the Eames' Hang It All for our entryway, I discovered the Bach. Winner of the International Housewares Association Product Design Competition, this hook prevents that collar bulge that can stretch and distort fabric and ruin your favorite wool pea coat. And at a price of less than $50 for six electro-polished, solid stainless steel hooks, my winter coat storage worries are over.

Tosai Table

Designed by Peter Maly for Conde House, the Tosai Table is simply elegant. Available in either walnut or white oak, the eye is drawn to the twisted steel legs.

"The Tosai collection connects traditional woodcraft and Japanese interior with the design tradition of the German Bauhaus which Peter Maly, the designer of Tosai, claims to be his main influence."

Into the Night

Slip into the smoky, dark and seductive new collection from Mrs. and Me. The luxurious Into the Night collection features a fabulous array of coverings for the bedroom and living room. Very dramatic, yet restful at the same time.

15 November 2007

Favor Boxes

I think these Favor Boxes from Paper Orchid are adorable. They will be perfect for those little stocking stuffer gifts for co-workers and neighbors, or stock up early and save for Valentine's Day candy for your sweetheart.

Red Balloon Lamp

The Balloon Lamp uses a red LED light and two coin batteries to turn a balloon into a beautiful source of light, that lasts over 100 hours. This is of course a cluster of many, but the idea works well in smaller numbers. Also available in white.

12 November 2007

Who Needs a Headset?

Forget about a Bluetooth headset when you can go retro! Hulger's Penelope Phone (in a variety of colors) really makes a statement: wannabe Luddite.

Fruit Up Front

For only $1,800 you could elevate your fruit to an art form in Designfenzider's Fruit Bowl 2.5.

09 November 2007

Serving Up Style

The collection of serving platters and trays at Violet will help you be the perfect hostess. Or in my case, guests will be so distracted by the beautiful serving ware that they won't notice the undercooked potatoes!

Hummingbird & Scotch Elm Platter
Fabricated Tray in Ginko Leaf

07 November 2007

Must Have Books

In Michael Webb's Modernism Reborn: Mid-Century American Houses, the focus is on saving these homes. His book provides a plethora of design ideas we can steal for use in our very own living rooms, but also tells the often-captivating behind-the-scenes stories of each great home it showcases.
Charlotte and Peter Fiell's Scandinavian Design is the all-you-need guide includes a detailed look at Scandinavian furniture, glass, ceramics, textiles, jewelry, metalware and industrial design from 1900 to the present day.

Scandinavian Country by Magnus Englund and Chrystina Schmidt celebrates a way of life that combines comfort, elegance and simplicity with a strong love of nature.

05 November 2007


I'm feeling all cozy at home after looking through Wisteria's new holiday gift catalog. Here are a few of my favorite new items:


Harlequin is the premier British destination for luxurious fabrics and wallpapers. Here is a sampling of the rich colors and textures from their latest collections.

Embrace is a feature collection of dramatic cut velvet weaves including flamboyant oversized florals, and contemporary trails.

Verve is a highly contemporary and individual collection of weaves comprising retro geometrics to graphic embroideries.

An ├╝ber-cool wallpaper collection, Virtue has been created to compliment the Verve weaves but has a strong personality all of it's own. Ideally-suited for stunning feature walls, Virtue combines funky plains, smart stripes, retro geometrics and modern trails to complement the Verve Weaves.

An exuberant collection, Ziva combines classic opulence with contemporary chic. A modern twist on a timeless theme, Ziva is a sophisticated range of silk and cotton damasks on an accessible scale.

Romaine is a free-spirited, decorative collection of eclectic prints, bohemian embroideries, exotic weaves and versatile wallpapers, which has been inspired by the patterns and rich colors of gypsy folklore.

04 November 2007

In My Back Yard

Here a few of the charming items created by DaWanda seller In My Back Yard: patches and pins, pendants and scarves, magnets and gocco prints, and other lovely things, all handmade in a little old cottage with a big garden in New Zealand.

Mix Tape Cozy

Feeling nostalgic? Disguise your IPod in these old school cozies from DaWanda seller Moxie Madness. Hand screen printed on heavy duty denim.

01 November 2007

NEW! Dwell Kitchen Blog

Dwell has just launched a Kitchen Blog for our appliance-obsessed readers. Americans will spend nearly $80 million this year on kitchen design! If you will be one of those, check the blog for daily updates.

Not to Mention Christmas, but...

Let the holiday barrage begin (at least I waited until November). Although I'm not really doing any gift buying this early in the year, I am starting my search for holiday cards and gift wrap. I just reviewed the new holiday collection from Caroline Gardner, and here are some of my favorite items:

Dark Trees & Flakes Gift Bags