23 April 2007

New for the Office

While my husband was out at the local rock star, CD launch party last night, I tackled our office. We just threw everything together during the remodel to get things working (my husband telecommutes, so a functioning network was priority number one). Since the office must also double as a guest bedroom now that we have downsized to our cool little ranch house, much needs to be done. Our first house guests arrive at the end of May, so it was time to get serious. I'll leave the wiring and network configuration up to my husband. For my part I've got to make two desks and chairs, filing cabinets, shelving and our futon sofa work in the 12'x12' space.

Instead of reinstalling the 70's sliding closet doors (those things always come off the tracks) we went with heavy duty draperies. The closet contains the usual coats and clothes, but also shelving for our printers and one computer. We went with the Ogee panels in Natural/Green.

Things on wheels will be critical when it comes time to transform the office into livable guest quarters. I finally found a file cabinet on wheels that was affordable and fits with the overall design of the room. I also got a new chair for my desk, again- small profile and wheels.
To hide the large eyesore that is the electrical panel box, we went with an Inhabit Wall Slat in Summer Grass. Because it runs almost the entire length of the wall, it doesn't look like we're trying to hide something, and it still allows easy access if we need to trip the breaker.And while we're at Inhabit, let's add a couple of pillows for the futon to help pull the entire look together:

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Mint Julep said...

I love the grass wall slat. Your place sounds great! Keep up the stylish work!