22 November 2007


It was five years ago today that I met my husband on an Internet date in Newburyport, so it is an extra special Thanksgiving for us. I am thankful to be spending a quiet day at home with my husband and dogs. After a hike out our back door we will come back and spend the afternoon making homemade pasta! I think this may become a new Thanksgiving tradition. Snow is coming in later today, so we will stay warm with a roaring fire in the woodstove, fresh ravioli and nice red wine. I hope each of you will enjoy a special day with everyone you love.


Jessie said...

wow, that is so sweet. I wish my husband and I could just spend it together, instead of driving to 2 families houses to make THEM happy. Good for you 2!!! :)

Natasha said...

It's much easier when you live in New Mexico and all of your family is on the east coast! Designed that way!

Dre said...

yum, homemade ravioli!

i bet it was just delicious!