05 November 2007


Harlequin is the premier British destination for luxurious fabrics and wallpapers. Here is a sampling of the rich colors and textures from their latest collections.

Embrace is a feature collection of dramatic cut velvet weaves including flamboyant oversized florals, and contemporary trails.

Verve is a highly contemporary and individual collection of weaves comprising retro geometrics to graphic embroideries.

An ├╝ber-cool wallpaper collection, Virtue has been created to compliment the Verve weaves but has a strong personality all of it's own. Ideally-suited for stunning feature walls, Virtue combines funky plains, smart stripes, retro geometrics and modern trails to complement the Verve Weaves.

An exuberant collection, Ziva combines classic opulence with contemporary chic. A modern twist on a timeless theme, Ziva is a sophisticated range of silk and cotton damasks on an accessible scale.

Romaine is a free-spirited, decorative collection of eclectic prints, bohemian embroideries, exotic weaves and versatile wallpapers, which has been inspired by the patterns and rich colors of gypsy folklore.

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