09 August 2007


We really need to replace our living room windows. The seal is ruined on one of our big picture windows and the insulation (or lack thereof) is so 1979. My husband wants to install another sliding glass door, but we already have one that doesn't even lock anymore. Enter Sky-Frame.

Sky-Frame is a unique system for large-surface sliding windows whose surrounding frame can be installed flush with walls, ceilings and floors - the only visible part of the frame is a 20 mm thin vertical muntin where two elements overlap. This allows for unrestricted views and sill-less floor transitions from indoors to the outside. In addition to these aesthetic advantages the system also fulfils the highest requirements with regard to heat insulation and safety.

Since we live in the beautiful mountains of northern New Mexico, it would be wonderful to enjoy the unobstructed views out of floor-to-ceiling windows!

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