27 August 2007

Expansion Ideas

In our minds, the "bad garage" has been torn down and we've added an addition in it's place. Our vision is a great room with lots of storage on the first level, and a bathroom of a yet-to-be-determined size. On the upper level would be a master bedroom and deck with unobstructed mountain views- not 360 degrees but as close as we can get. When my new edition of Atomic Ranch arrived this weekend, there was a very good example of what we are envisioning.

Our bedroom would be on the upper level with large deck accessible only from that room.

We would like to keep the room uncluttered, just a bed and maybe one chair, with all of the storage built into the walls around the bed. The windows would extend around on three sides, similar to this design.

Of course all of this is very long term (at least five years from now) but it's good to be coming to consensus before we call the architect. Then again, knowing how very impatient Aaron and I are, maybe we can find a way to fast track this!

1 comment:

melissa said...

wow! super long term project! ah, i share the ambition of an uncluttered space too. i, however, am thus far, failing! :)