15 April 2008

Sofa Dreaming

We finally determined a space in our house suitable for the gorgeous maple armoire made by Aaron's dad. It will change the character of the seating area, softening the overall appearance. In line with that is the new Thompkins Sofa from West Elm. I just dream of having this super-comfy hemp sofa in the space. I love that there is just one seat cushion, and that the pillows are firm and substantial. But since we owe the federal government big time on taxes this year, I will just have to keep on dreaming.


johni said...

This green color sofa is too good! In the combinations of small pillow is very suitable for this. This is set or you are making this type. I want this combination sofa.


Henry said...

Ooh! Those are awesome! Spacify offers stylish and affordable Modern Sofa to decorate your Home & Office.

Anonymous said...

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