18 February 2008

And Speaking of Change

Since we spent a solid six months gutting and remodeling our ranch in 2006, we thought "why not tackle the bad garage?" So without further ado, we crunched the numbers, visited our banker, and have proceeded with plans to convert one of our detached garages into livable space. When done, the new studio/office will add over 400 square feet of finished space to our home. If we lived through the house remodel, this will be a piece of cake, right?

To put me in the mood for yet another major renovation, I visited Houseblogs.net for more "home improvement stories for the dwelling obsessed." But who am I kidding? This project will be far more difficult. The husband and I can't seem to agree on much so far: get an architect or not, what is the major purpose of the space, what kind of heating system should we use, shouldn't we use some money to redo the entrance to the house? The list goes on, but we need to come to some agreement soon. Now is the time of year to lock in a contractor and we can't still be arguing when they arrive!

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